캡스톤디자인이란 1~2학년 동안 배운 전공 교과목 및 이론 등을 바탕으로, 산업체(또는 사회)가 필요로 하는 과제를 대상으로 3학년 이상 학생들이 스스로 기획과 종합적인 문제해결을 통해 창의성과 실무능력, 팀워크, 리더십을 배양하도록 지원하는 정규교과목입니다


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악세서리를 활용해 긴급상황에 긴급신호 발신 가능한 제품

SMiES / Capstone Design Seminar





과제 목적

Crime prevention products and applications are already in the market. However, they have some problems with complicated usages and errors. For example, there is a 112 emergency reporting application run by the National Police Agency. You can not only report using the application, but you can also report by pressing the volume button or the power button on your smartphone. It seems very convenient, but it is not. If we check the reviews of the applications, we can notice that this application has several problems. One user said it’s good to report by using a few buttons in an emergency, but sometimes it is reported to the police without notice because the external button on the phone is pressed in the pocket or in the bag easily. In the 112 emergency reporting application, there is no way to check whether the report is intended or not. Also, we notice that this might cause waste of the police manpower. Therefore, we have created a product that is easy to report and something that does not directly reported to the police.

과제 내용

We appealed to the distinction of speed and secrecy. Because most existing emergency reporting products or applications have a lot of problems when they are accidentally pressed, they take many complex steps, such as clicking a lot of buttons, pressing a long button, or going into an app and calling directly. That is why our focus blocks accidental button presses and centers on faster one-click button triggers. Basically, there's GPS, voice recording, and transmission through Bluetooth. And we have practically targeted the accessories that people have for a long time. At the same time, design-wise, to prevent accidental push of a button, we took the 'inside button' approach. If the button is outside, you are more likely to press it accidentally. For example, there is a product from TOUCH**. This product sends an emergency signal to an acquaintance's cell phone by Grip-Talk, a cell phone accessory. This product has a button outside, and it is said to be pressed a lot by mistake. So we have a slide-type case, with a button hidden inside. Since it's a simple slide, we think this product is fast enough.

활용방안 및 기대 효과

SMiES has criminal evidence and GPS collection functions in conjunction with mobile applications. You can click a button which is attached to the cellphone case. Linked with the application, it sends a message to pre-specified contact with voice recording that records the sounds of users’ surroundings and GPS that lets the contact know the location of the users at that time. Due to the more accurate evidence, it helps the search and arrest of the criminals become easier. Unintended reporting can be prevented primarily by sending text messages to acquaintances first. By doing so, police are prevented from being dispatched to reports received by mistake. There is another advantage of sending a message to family or friends before the police. If the user is in urgent danger and is not able to report to the police, the contacted person can contact the police instead of him/her, so it can be useful in the event of an actual emergency. In addition, SMiES can be used as evidence of criminal situations. If the suspect’s voice is recorded in the voice file, it can help the police identify the suspect more easily. Also, GPS helps with criminal investigations by checking the last location of the user. Sending or storing location and voice recordings of victims during criminal situations can assist on-site arrest or search for criminals. SMiES can be used not only in criminal situations but in everyday life as well. When a person who is unable to read a map, such as children and seniors, can use our products to ask their family or friends for help when they are lost. The message with GPS makes it easier to help the user.